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Paradise by the River

mars 305:38

Written by Vittorio Rossi
Produced by MAGJUSJEN Entertainment

In the months leading up to World War II, Romano Dicenzo, an Italian born Canadian Citizen, pursues his dream of building a construction company. By his side is his loyal, loving and pregnant wife Maria. His younger brother Cenzo arrives from Italy in the hopes of starting a new life in Canada. All hell breaks loose when Mussolini declares war on England and France, prompting the Canadian authorities to sweep into motion nation wide arrests of men and women of Italian origin.

The Canadian authorities unjustly arrest Romano based on a false accusation and place him in a prisoner of war camp against his will with hundreds of men of Italian descent in Petawawa, Ontario. These individuals were never officially charged with any crime. Cenzo escapes the arrest, but makes it his goal to capture and exact his revenge on the informer who wrongly accused his brother.

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Date :
mars 30
Heure :


Leonardo DaVinci Center
8370 Boulevard Lacordaire
Saint-Léonard, Québec H1R 3Y6 Canada